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SilverLife is a community of members-helping-members who are starting business at 50 plus

January 17, 2019—More seniors are starting businesses today than at any time in history. Here at SilverLife, our members have become small business owners, solopreneurs, home-based enterprises, encore entrepreneurs, freelancers, and members of the gig economy in midlife and beyond.

Join us. You’ll find a supportive community, many ways to learn about business, services, and even a marketplace where you can sell your services and products to other members. The member benefits include:

  • Free basic SilverLife Business Directory listing
  • Featured Business Directory ads
  • Exclusive access to members-only learning events
  • Exclusive access to members-only business tools
  • Free business planning worksheets
  • Downloadable business building workbooks and ebooks
  • Members-only community forum where you can network and ask questions
  • Members-only business marketplace for ads and classifieds
  • A library of resources
  • A community blog where you can post your articles
  • And more!

The SilverLife community is unequalled on the Internet. There are more Baby Boomers than any previous generations, and when you combine them with the Silent Generation and the Greatest Generation, there are more seniors than ever before in history (several millions more) with fewer and fewer jobs for support. In fact, as technology continues to march forward at unprecedented pace, trend watchers predict the loss of over 47% of all US jobs within just 15 years due to developments in robotics, artificial intelligences, and data science advances. As the value of the US dollar sinks lower and lower, and the cost of living rises higher and higher,  the value of a social security check and retirement funds erodes, leaving many to wonder what they can do to overcome such challenges.

This could sound pretty depressing, but with some imagination and grit, these social and cultural shifts can be the catalysts to launch seniors into an exhilarating opportunity of a lifetime! A chance to build our own businesses.

It most definitely seems futile to try to buck the discrimination that is so rampant against seniors in the job market–especially in light of the changes that are predicted to severely depress job opportunities for all people in the not too distant future. It’s for these reasons that SilverLife was envisioned.

This is a planned Internet community, one where seniors will not have to compete with youngsters for neither jobs nor commerce. This community is one where members are both consumers and merchants. Here senior consumers will welcome innovations created both by and for the senior marketplace, one where members can barter, trade, and purchase from business owners and entrepreneurs who understand exactly what it means to be a senior trying to survive and thrive in these times. We hope you’ll join us and view our explainer video below for more complete information. Welcome to SilverLife!

Attempting to bring a new business to fruition can be daunting. So we say, “Don’t go it alone!” Join us at SilverLife, where we work together toward a shared prosperity in a supportive, helpful, sheltered community where you can leverage the power of many people crowd sourcing information, advice, and sharing services and products. That’s why SilverLife was launched—we are of, by, and for senior people. And we are building a powerful ecosystem for senior business success.
  • We are a membership organization of small business seniors.
  • We work together on growing our businesses.
  • We advertise our businesses freely in this community and provide services and products to fellow members.
  • We are part of a powerful, helpful, and supportive community and we are dedicated to the success of all members’ businesses.
  • We invite people everywhere who are dreaming, developing, starting, and growing their own businesses to join us.

One in four Baby Boomers  
would like to start a business

SilverLife is a BRAND NEW community of
people@50+ working together to
start their own business

This is where we work together to
create, network, learn, practice, promote,
support, and offer services to each other.

Email Beth for more information at silverlife50@gmail.com. 

An interview with SilverLife50+ founder, Dr. Beth E. Koch 

Q: What prompted you to start the SilverLife organization?

A: Well my story isn’t much different than a lot of people. I had worked in corporate positions my whole life, including middle management — I sold my soul to the company, and I worked like a dog. But one day after years of devoted service–and even after I had relocated for my company–I was suddenly laid off with hundreds of others in a sweeping “reorganization”. After that, I never felt secure, no matter where I worked.

The truth is, I had difficulty re-entering the job market. That’s when I shifted gears into teaching college design. As much as I had fallen in love with teaching, I didn’t have the requisite Master’s degree to garner a full time teaching position, and so I made the move to return to school to upgrade my skills and add interactive and web design to my growing repertoire of design skills.

After finishing my Master’s, I decided to up the ante and stay in school for a round of researcher training in human-centered design, studying the effects of design on emotions. I graduated with honors and a Ph.D. I worked hard and started my new career as a college prof, and earned tenure at a four-year state college.

Sometimes though, life can be cold. Yet a new curve sent me back cross-country to rejoin my parents and a concerted four-year academic job search began.

I had caught a break landing a couple adjunct assignments, but nothing permanent materialized, and so eventually I just stopped looking.

I knew had to support myself, and I had a good idea that  that meant starting a business–which I was totally ok with!

Of course, it all feels so very unfair when it’s  happening to you. And many of my women friends seemed to be hitting a similar wall in the job market. So I did what comes so naturally to me, and I started  researching the phenomenon of senior discrimination. Then  I got really angry. Finally, I settled down and one day it hit me–I got inspired to figure out an alternative that would help my friends and me.

Q: What injustice, problem, or pet peeve did you set out to address with your business?

 A: Well I knew that in my field of advertising design, women were often overlooked for promotion and were always eventually pushed out of workplace, usually as soon as they reach the age of 30. It’s a sad but true reality. Everyone knows this, its not me being all sour grapes or anything. Its just how it is. 

Through my four year job search I interviewed all over the country for academic job openings. I was super qualified. I always got the interview, but never the job offer. After that it seemed like I experienced age- and experience-discrimination wherever I applied. You know, you’re over qualified, over educated, too tall, too, and well you’re too, too. Eventually I began to realize I had fallen into chronic long-term unemployment and I decided to call a spade, a spade. 

I finally faced the fact that if I wanted any sort of financial security, I was going to have to find a way to make it on my own. The job market was no longer available to me. It was at base all about self-preservation.

So taking care of my own destiny is way safer and  much more satisfying. I decided that since American businesses won’t take care of this country’s seniors, I want to offer them a new way to survive and thrive! We’re not dead yet–I mean really!

Q: What are you most proud of that SilverLife50+ offers?

A: First, we have a great solution for people 50 plus who are looking for long-term self-preservation. Second, our community offers a safe shelter where members-help-members—and you can’t buy that kind of human touch and shared experience that we offer here. We point our members to simple-to-follow opportunities, learning resources, and we share products and services that offer a way through, and a marketplace in which to sell, that offers a viable way to earn a living.

Q: Finish this sentence: We are the best, or first, or only membership organization to… 

A: To offer real viable solutions to unemployment, underemployment, and job discrimination problems for people 50 plus. We point the way to concrete solutions for our members to successfully start or transform a business, despite society’s seeming onslaught and marginalization of our senior class. 

Q: The real reason anyone should believe in SilverLife is…

A:  SilverLife demonstrates the power of community to accelerate the business success of the individual. The power of positive interaction. I get to encourage people, to watch  creativity bloom, and to help  people attain real freedom and control over their lives! That’s what I love. Our mission is “We inspire, motivate, educate, and facilitate small-business-people-helping-small-business-people to achieve powerful success.” That makes me feel so full of gratitude!

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